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moodLearning has a diversified portfolio of clients from government, pharmaceutical industry, insurance, nutrition, publishing, international agencies, multinational companies, trade groups, professional societies, non-governmental organizations. Most of our contracts are covered by non-disclosure agreements but, with permission, our partner companies may be referenced in specific presentations, proposals, and reports. At moodLearning, we value discretion.

We take pride in forging partnerships with clients and keeping these for the long haul. Some of our clients have been with us since we started the company. Over 40% of our annual revenues comes from our installed base. We grow the business, as our partners grow theirs.

The moodLearning portfolio is about added value. moodLearning helps ensure that every contract is an investment in growth and long-term business sustainability.

Much of our current portfolio reflects our core business: eLearning services. Custom learning management system (LMS), interactive media-rich course materials, and related support services constitute most of our contracts with clients and partners.

That our partners also need other non-eLearning technology services is at the heart of our mission as a vibrant "one-stop shop" service company. A significant part of our portfolio includes the content management system (CMS); integrated inventory, sales and accounting system; human resource information system (HRIS), customer ticket system.

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