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A moodLearning management system (mLMS) is essential to running online courses and training or blended learning (some combination of online and face-to-face instruction). mLMS is the app you use for the administration of training programs, the delivery of contents, the engagement of learners and trainees via online activities, the monitoring and evaluation of their performance--all in one place.

If you wish to use online instructional tools (quiz, blog, games, assignments), collaboration tools (wiki, group work, forum), performance monitoring and assessment tools, consider mLMS. Take the moodLearning Management System advantate!

moodLearning customizes, maintains, supports major learning management systems. Some of the more helpful functionalities we have recently supported, developed or extended for our partners include:

  1. eCoaching Overlay enables coaches and mentors to run their programs across courses on the mLMS. Applications include sales coaching for mentees who could always be out in the field. Mentees may take short videos on how they do the sale with their clients, upload such videos to the mLMS, so their mentors can rate their work. Brochure. More info.
  2. Social Media Login. Users may sign up using their social media accounts (like Facebook and LInkedIn).
  3. Antiplagiarism. Submitted assignments can be scanned using the moodLearning anti-plagiarism service (mLaP).
  4. Modular Introduction of Materials. Introducing course materials module by module may reduce the clutter in an online course.
  5. Two-factor Authentication. For the more security-conscious partners with intellectual properties and business secrets to protect, a 2-factor authentication is an added value.
  6. Random Quizzes. Introducing some randomness and "surprises" into online courses may help keep students continually engaged. Pulled from a quiz bank that teachers may build over time, a variety of quizzes (multiple choice, short answer, scenario quiz, etc.) can be deployed at the right places in the LMS.
  7. SCORM Support. Sharable Content Object Reference Model (SCORM), an old standard in elearning, continues to dominate corporate training. Interactive, media-rich materials can be delivered as SCORM packages.
  8. Security. Enhancements to our core services for our security and safety conscious partners. More info on mLMS Security.

  9. Policy Enforcement. Want to secure a consent document from your learners or employees? How about making them sign off on certain company policies on data privacy, for example? On a moodLearning-supported LMS, company policy enforcement shouldn't be too complicated.
  10. Engagement Analytics. Want to see the progress of learners in a course? the performance of employees across courses? Having the appropriate dashboard and analytics makes your online training program effective. For instance, using our own Learner Session Tracker, learning managers can track in great details the hours spent by a learner on activities in a course.

At moodLearning, we work hard to make every LMS installation we run a compelling tool for our partners.

Want an LMS of your own? Talk to us.